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Ciampoli Trading
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Location: Buenos Aires Argentina
Phone: +54 11 3970 6902 SkyPe: no entries
Web site:
-22 Decreases

Our company, CIAMPOLI TRADING, have grouped different small producers from the country reason why we can to directly offer very varied a ready one of products of the same, which allows us to have first quality, competitive prices and mainly continuity to be able to program future harvests.-

Step to detail the products to him that we offer:

Garlic are of Argentina, of the Province of Mendoza. New harvest, began east month. The calibers can be 5, 6, and 7. , in 10 boxes of kgrs., Chinese, white and colored variety. -

The price of the box of 10 Kgrs. FOB Buenos Aires, (exported) is of u$d 30. the box. - (The traditional balancing of this garlic is: 20% no. 4, 30% no. 5, 40% No.6 and 10% no. 7. -

The container of 40´ takes 2,400 boxes of garlic. - Availability of this variety 90,000 boxes. -

Onions synthetic N° 14 or Valencian in 20 bags of Kgrs.).-

You happen of grape in 10 boxes of kgrs., blond sultanina and morocha, with and without seed.)

Dehydrated tomato Popes Spunta and Kenebe, washed or cepillada in 50 bags of Kgr.)



Argentine meats (You cut Hilton, and nonHilton. Cow consumption, cow conserves, lambs.) With Halal rite or Kosher rite

Argentine varietal wines (the high range)

List of Prices of Wines

White generic wine 12 xs 700cc u$d 15.00 the box
Red generic wine 12 xs 700cc u$d 15,00 the box
Varietal wine Malbec 12 xs 750cc u$d 30.00 the box
Varietal wine Cabernet Suavignon 12 xs 750cc u$d 30.00 the box
Varietal wine Shyrah 12 xs 750cc u$d 30,00 the box
Varietal wine Malbec Reserve 12 xs 750cc u$d 34,00 the box
Varietal wine Reserve Cavernet Suavignon 12 xs 750cc u$d 34,00 the box White wine Frizante 6 xs 750cc u$d 13.90 the box
Frizante came Peach tree 6 xs 750cc u$d 13.90 the box
Frizante Fresa came 6 xs 750cc u$d 13.90 the box
Cider Demi ESA without alcohol 6 xs 750cc u$d 10.00 the box
Cider Demi ESA 6 xs 750cc u$d 11.00 the box
Brut cider 6 xs 750cc u$d 11.00 the box
Cider Pineapple, Peach tree, Clerico 6 xs 710cc u$d 11.00 the box
Cider Pineapple, Peach tree, Clerico without alcohol 6 xs 710cc u$d 11.00 the box
Cider Mills, Lemon 6 xs 710cc u$d 12.00 the box

The prices are FOB put in the Port of Bs.As.

It is possible to package with the mark and label that the Client prefers with the prescribed approval and the corresponding analysis apt for his export. (We designed the label and we approved the mark)

All the products are quality of export and with the certification necessary to enter any country of the world.

The purchase modality is:

The quotes will be always FOB Versus. Ace. (merchandise exported by us.) Against the formal order by this means from the Importer (Buying) in whom consists the amount of containers 4¨, each container contains 2,400 boxes of 10 Kgrs. each.

The data of the importer, and the final destiny, with these data we sent the invoice to him Pro forma so that it makes the deposit of the advance payment to the exporter, and when the merchandise dispatches, it will have to deposit the rest. - 50% of the operation are anticipated generally and rest is freed to the documentation of office with 50%. -

All the merchandise goes with the necessary certification for its export. Brazil already this buying with this modality of invoice pro forma and total advance payment to make sure important amounts to the same price. -

CIAMPOLI TRADING. Luis Ciampoli In Argentina
0054 - 11 - 3970 - 6902
0054 - 11 - 15 - 4974 - 2924
Cnel.Diaz 2473 Buenos Aires

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